About us

Meet the team behind our Studio

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The Team Behind Our Studio - Darkstudio X Webflow Template
The Team Behind Our Studio - Darkstudio X Webflow Template
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We started in 2012 with a goal in mind

Our story
We Started in 2012 - Darkstudio X Webflow Template

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Over 200 projects done

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Over 200 Projects Done - Darkstudio X Webflow Template

transcend conventional

Our values

Why Meta?

We believe in transcending the conventional. The term 'Meta' signifies our commitment to go beyond the ordinary, to think about thinking, and to understand and implement tech strategies at a higher, more comprehensive level.

This holistic approach echoes our belief in understanding our clients' needs from an overarching perspective, thereby enabling us to devise tech strategies that are not just effective but also future-proof.

MetaCTO offers 'Outsourced CTO' and 'Fractional CTO' services to businesses. Our name reflects the essence of our founder’s rich tech experience, comprehensive skill set, and MIT education.

As your outsourced CTO, we aim to operate at a meta level, providing top-tier CTO services and navigating the complex tech landscape on your behalf. We specialize in mobile applications but our expertise extends to all facets of technology strategy.

Our services include everything from product strategy support and refining requirements to market research, go-to-market strategies, and UX/UI guidance. We ensure your technology is not just a tool but a strategic asset, enhancing your market position and driving growth.

Our values

The core values that drive  everything we do

Customer First - Darkstudio X Webflow Template

Customer first

You will feel the love on day one.
Your success is the benchmark of our own, driving us to exceed expectations.

Passion - Darkstudio X Webflow Template


We love your product as much as you do. Catering to passionate founders, leaders, and go-getters, we live to bring vision to reality.

Commitment - Darkstudio X Webflow Template


Every project is a testament to our unwavering dedication to delivering top-tier results. We stand by our promises, transforming challenges into opportunities.

Innovation - Darkstudio X Webflow Template


In an ever-evolving tech landscape, we champion creativity and fresh perspectives. Our commitment to innovation means we're not only prepared for the future; we're shaping it.

Openness - Darkstudio X Webflow Template


We believe in the power of transparency and open communication. We cultivate an environment where ideas are shared freely, fostering trust and collaborative growth.

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We take pride in our work and the responsibilities that come with it.
Owning our actions, both in success and in learning opportunities.


Brands we worked with

From enterprise-level businesses that need an agile team to execute quickly to entrepreneurs looking to take their power points to product, our team has the experience. We've been there and done that!